Websites of Interest

I started a new personal project during lock-down, Basscave is about all things bass. You’ll find articles that are about the double bass, bass guitar, touring, bass ukulele’s, buying a double bass. Anything that I can think of and that is helpful. Check it out.

I’ve included a list of websites which represent the bands and musicians whom I have worked with over the years. Not all artists have official websites, so I have tried to link a page which I think shows off their career the most.

Mike Sanchez , Carl Perkins, Jeff Beck, Robert Plant, Billy Lee Riley, Champion Jack Dupree, Jools Holland, Lowell Fulsom, Roscoe Gordon, Andy Fairweather Low, Tom Jones, Little Willie Littlefield, Van Morrison, Lisa Mills, Mick Fleetwood, Paul Rodgers, Ben Waters, Chrissie Hynde, Jimmy Page, Scotty Moore, Lulu, DJ Fontana, Ronnie Wood, Jimmy Copley, Eric Clapton, Ray Davies, Brian May, Imelda May, Giles Robson, Mark Knopfler. Mud Morganfield, Adam Sweet, Primitive Noise Band, Sunjay, Ali Maas & Micky Moody. Benn Carr. Aki Kumar. Mike Vernon and the Mighty Combo.

Where Rock n Roll was born Sun Records